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Is WHERE important to you and your organisation? We can help to bring out the WHERE in your data, information and decision making by implementing a Geographical Information System (GIS).
Our approach to GIS implementation could be to serve a single, specific purpose, or to perform an on-going function, or to serve a wide range of purposes across many departments.
We adopt a project management approach in developing and implementing a GIS in your organisation.

GIS Needs Assessment

We help you understand and document how GIS can be used to support the business needs of your organisation.

We help you identify and define the information products to be created by the GIS.

We help you identify and define the datasets required in order to create information products.

We will document this and produce a needs assessment report.

GIS Database Design & Development

Our experienced database designers will help to define and implement a data model that supports your business processes. Our approach includes defining a conceptual data model, to a logical data model and finally a physical database implementation.

GIS System Design & Integration

Is your data in hardcopy maps , computer aided draft and drawing (CAD) or other formats? We have the experience in converting and migrating various data formats. We employ the latest ETL tools in data conversion and migration.

GIS Application Development

Our application development process begins with a detailed specification requirement and an iterative process that ensures that applications meet the users' needs.

GIS Support

We provide both on-site and off-site technical support.


GEOILOCATE is a wholly black-owned consulting company offering services and products within the following domains - Geographical Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing, Location Based Services (LBS) and Surveying.

We pride ourselves in providing services and products that meet and solve your business needs. Read more.


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