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Mangaung Metro Municipality - GIS Support

The municipality contracted the services of Sindile Bidla the owner of GEOILOCATE to provide them with a range of GIS support services.

These included the following:

  • Cadastral and billing data linkage - this entails creation of a seamless cadastral database by capturing parcel boundaries from SG Diagrams and linking with ownership and billing data. Creating various thematic maps depicting billing information within the municipality.
  • Landuse mapping - capturing of landuse violations with accompanying photographic evidence and linking these to the cadastre. The mapping was done using Android based smart phones.
  • Geocoding - the municipality maintains information on accommodation facilities, restaurants and places of interest. We leveraged the address information to place these on a map.

Umzimvubu Local Municipality – Street Naming & Addressing

The municipality wanted to create an up to date street, street furniture and address dataset for the town areas of Mount Frere and Mount Ayliff. Prior to the implementation of this project, the municipality did not have an updated street and address database. The municipality wanted to improve key GIS layers and the project entailed the following:

  • Mapping of street centrelines from aerial photography
  • Implementing an addressing schema based on the South African Address Standard
  • Capturing of street furniture using mobile GPS devices.

Two Roads – Informal Settlements Database

The Western Cape Provincial Department of Human Settlements contracted out the development of an informal settlement database. GEOILOCATE was subcontracted to perform the following activities:

  • Data collection various primary and secondary datasets were collected from various entities and assembled into a seamless spatial database.
  • Digitising of informal settlement boundaries and placing of dots on each structure identified using imagery.
  • Data verification of captured information with municipalities.
  • Creating an informal settlement ranking and prioritization model by using a GIS based multi criteria analysis framework.
  • Creating a spatially enabled informal settlement database.
  • Developing of informal settlement profiles.

Department of Rural Development & Land Reform

Mapping of fallow agricultural land Rural development is a key government priority and agricultural development is a key enabler in this regard. The National Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, engaged the services of GEOILOCATE to develop a spatial database of fallow agricultural land. This entailed the following key activities:

  • Mapping of fallow agricultural land from satellite and aerial imagery.
  • Integrating agricultural resource potential information.
  • Development of an agricultural land spatial database.

Department of Human Settlements

GIS support EC Intervention Team GEOILOCATE has worked with the EC Intervention Team in providing spatial products and services, these include the following:

  • Maintaining a cadastral base layer and ownership information for the entire Eastern Cape.
  • An audit of land owned by municipalities, government and state owned enterprise to be used in the development of integrated sustainable human settlements.
  • Linking of housing projects to the cadastral database.
  • Identification and mapping of informal settlements in Buffalo City and Nelson Mandela Metro.
  • Development of a GIS based framework for land acquisition in support of human settlements.
  • Developed a model based on the LUCIS framework, the model can be run on ArcGIS software.


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